Squear- A combination of a harmless animal and a terrifying one to make a truly odd monster, these are bears with squids for heads…like the squids were just sewn on and attached to the digestive tract.

Helper Monkey- These monkeys have been altered to wear clothes and carry things. They are often busy helping create the look and feel of the Island. often rigjt outside the scene operating fans and lights for a dramatic breeze. dress in a bellhop uniform.

Mosquito Hawks- These are giant mosquitos that can actually carry away small children…

Pedro Glorioso- The private guard of Dr. Meuron, this bear has had his arms replaced with chainsaws. He always travels with two helper monkeys to keep his chainsaws well oiled, start them at a moments notice, and feed him and wipe his ass.

Moose Men- These moose have been altered to resemble men and do the heavy lifting for the island. They often butt heads with eachother. Literally.

Pigmen- Male Chauvinists.

Panther people- Like climbing trees and eating people in them. Very polite, they slways introduce themselves before eating their victims. Usually wear a tuxedo.

Puglies- These pugs have had eagle wings grafted onto their backs. They attack in very disorganized swarms and often run into trees.

Attack carp- Carp packed with explosives. Often attack boats by jumping out of the water into them. Have been known to hickie people to death.

Cecil the Hydra- Cecil is the janitor….all of them. All janitordls are clones of Cecil. Friendly giy, but will talk your ear off about Marvel comics. he’s been genetically altered to regrow any head he loses, and an extra one.

Janilord- The head Cecil, he rules the other Cecil’s through a superior knowledge of Skrull anatomy. He once definitively proved that Iron Man is better than Superman. Because of a series of accidents he has three heads, two of which argue incessantly while the third wears headphones and keeps working.


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