As you adventure through the world this page will expand. For now, you get these guys.

Squear- A creature with the body of a bear and a squid for a head. It appears shoddily made…I mean, you can see the stitching and everything!

Puople- A puma that has been altered until it became able to walk on it’s hind legs and behave like a human. One of Dr. Meauron’s greatest achievements, until he realized he’d made man eaters that can open doors. They have a nobility and impeccable manners.

Pigs- Pigmi like humanoids with snouts and bad teeth, usually fat. They make excellent trackers because of their snouts and are often used as the police force for the island. Easily motivated by food.

Workillas- It’s really just a Gorilla in a golf hat and a green vest. Really. They’re used as longshoremen.

Chumps- Happy go lucky, blue collar chimpanzees. They have a love for fresh fruit, alcohol, coffee, and cigarettes. Harmless, unless you upset them, which is easy.


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